Sunday, 23 January 2011

London, Gdansk, Olsztyn... 3 Days of Laughter and Tears - part.2

After yet another display of hospitality by Darek (yummy breakfast) he grabbed the car and we set off for train station. Yes, we did miss the train. So we went for a cuppa coffee.
Boarding trains in Poland is a nightmare. To get in you have to climb really steep stairs into a narrow corridor. But we managed with a helpful hand of a random passenger.
We squeezed through to a compartment and sat down. Our backs were killing us. Then the conductor came... and told us to put 2x30kgs of luggage onto the racks which are suspended around 2 meters above the floor. LOVE POLISH RAIL!!!!
But we managed that too. The journey to Olsztyn was actually trouble free. Even getting off was quite easy.

My Mum and Father were waiting for us on the platform (bless). Even though I'm not much of a family person, it was really great to see them. Some minor struggle to get all the THINGS into the car and we went to my Mum's home. AT LAST!!!! CHILL OUT!!!!

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