Sunday, 23 January 2011

London, Gdansk, Olsztyn... 3 Days of Laughter and Tears - part.1

On December 12 we disembarked the Virgin train at London Euston. Thank god my brother was waiting there to pick us up and help with the luggage. After our usual cold handshake we grabbed the THINGS and merrily set off towards Greenwich. Few escalators and staircases later we weren't so merry any more. The suitcases miraculously started changing their chemical constituents somewhere towards lead and the like on periodic table and we developed sudden muscle atrophy. But we managed. Then we had a great evening with Mike, Nuch, Nada and Naam.

I have to admit. I love my niece. Probably because Nada is my brother's daughter rather than anything else. But one has to admit. She IS cute. They all make a great family.

The following day we went for a stroll around parks in Greenwich with my family, while Andrea was exploring London with Sandemans free tour. And then I went to pick Andrea up from London... And she insisted on seeing a few things. Mind you though, it was 4pm. We had to be on Luton Airport at around 7pm to catch the 8pm plane. Again, my brother came to the rescue pre checking all the connections. On the way to Elephant and something station one of the luggages' handles falls off. Saying 'see you' to my brother, boarding the train. Which was late needless to say. Train stops, is delayed.

We finally reach the airport 40 minutes before departure, run to check in. One of the suitcase 2kgs over the limit, unpack, repack, pay for not having done online check in, run to oversized luggage, security check, boarding aaaaaAAAAAaaaarghhhh... landing in Gdansk

Gdansk Airport smooth... very smooth. We catch a taxi and go to Darek. 20 minutes later and we're greeted by nice tea and food. It's not the first time we are the victims of his insane hospitality. All I can say it, we'd spent too little time in Gdansk. It was great meeting a guy I've known for 20 years yet again.

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