Sunday, 23 January 2011

All the Goodbyes - Or Rather 'See You Laters' in DBK

It's finally time I started writing something here.
I'll try posting some things in Polish as well as English, but will probably be too lazy to do it often.

The journey begins.

On December 12 we left Derwent Bank and took our first step towards Uruguay. Then again, the first step actually took us further away from our destination then we originally were. Back to the main subject though. I called the taxi at 9 and said goodbye to the lady from Davies Taxis whose voice became so familiar over the last couple of years, but whom I've never had a chance to meet in person.
We finished packing, took last few things up to the loft in Derwent Bank, and went to the office to say byebye to Tiia (we said our 'see you later' to Mariano the night before) .

That's the thing. I hate goodbyes and all that drama that goes along with it. Let's face it, if we like someone we will keep in touch with them and possibly see them again, so what's the point in getting so emotional? Could be just me though.

We also said 'cya' to Elena and passed the task of sorting out the courier that was supposed to pick up the suitcase the following day to take it straight to Madrid (thank you Elena!!!!). And we set off. At a turtle pace. Imagine dragging two suitcases, each filled with over 30kgs of.... THINGS.

You see honey, I really love you, but why do you need to take 70 kilos of THINGS to Uruguay??? And yeah, I truly hate being encumbered while travelling. I love travelling light, especially if there are plenty of stops on the way. What we are doing now, is definitely travelling with plenty of stops but it certainly is NOT travelling light.

Somehow me stuffed all our things into the taxi and set off for Penrith. It was all smooth. Too smooth. Something was bound to happen soon. And it did...

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